[Samba] Filename mangling warfare

Ian Haskin ian at topix.com
Wed Oct 29 16:52:10 GMT 2003

Does anyone know how to tweak or disable filename mangling in Samba so windows clients don't read paths and folder names in 8.3?

I have a few backup VBscripts that used to work by passing the name and path of a directory (on a Samba share) as an argument to be read by the script.  Currently, on some windows 2k boxes, the full path and folder name are displayed correctly and named correctly once copied, on some it's displayed incorrectly but when the script is done copying the specified folder it re-creates the original name, and on my new install of win xp, the name is displayed incorrectly and the directory (once copied) is named in the mangled state. (which is just slightly frustrating!)

I've tried disabling mangling altogether, but then for some reason, the path and folder name are truncated at 20 characters... It's just chopped off... But at least it's not mangled.. But it's still unusable..

This is driving me nuts... (samba 2.2.8a on Irix)

  Ian Haskin

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