[Samba] Samba 3 and 9x Logon Problem

Pablo Castellazzi law at fisica.edu.uy
Wed Oct 29 02:30:38 GMT 2003

I installed Samba 3.0 Debian Binaries on my network and before few days of 
working W98 clients not logon some users. This users change from machine to 
machine and all of them experiment the problem before change their password 
with smbclient.

Triying to find the solution i split log files by IP address and the users with 
access denied, with log level 3 not have log entries, but i check with other 
user/pass and the entrie refusing the connection is generated.

I check local login with smbclient to profiles/netlogon/home services and works 
well but the logon dialog box on the client refuse the coneccion with an 
invalid password message.

Thanks for any idea.

Pablo Castellazzi

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