[Samba] small problem with printing within excel

Alex Sharaz A.Sharaz at hull.ac.uk
Tue Oct 28 20:40:56 GMT 2003

hi all,

Got a small problem with an xp client here. A user is running a windows XP
machine which has office xp installed. Both xp and office  have the full set of
patches istalled. The user isn't using roaming profiles and has a number of
drive mappings set up on his system to access directories on a RH 8.0 box
running samba.

While he can access word,powerpoint and access files that live on the server
o.k., when he opens an exel spreadsheet he can do everything except print from

When he tries, he gets a message saying "There was a problem retrieving printer
information for this object. The object may have been sent to a printer that is

Any clues tips, pointers as to what the problem/solution  is greatly


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