[Samba] print job complete messages

Nick Pietraniec npietran at campbellco.com
Tue Oct 28 20:22:19 GMT 2003

I know I've read something about this in the distant past, but i can't seem to 
find any info on it now.  I'm hoping someone knows offhand...

I'm using samba 2.2.8a and cups 1.1.17 to serve printing to some windows 2000 
workstations.  Cups is set up with raw queues and I'm using the windows 
drivers available from HP.  When the clients print from the windows print 
server, they get a winpopup message that tells them when their job is done.  
We don't get this from the samba server. 

Does anyone know offhand where/how to integrate a script to send this message 
via winpopup to the clients?

If I can figure it out, I promise to write a howto and stick it up on the web 
somewhere (if there isn't one).  thanks in advance.


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