[Samba] Re: samba 2.27 as print server and msg72613.html

Robert Robertedstrom at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 28 19:52:21 GMT 2003

Thanks for responding.  I created the printer$ share so that I could upload
the priner drivers.  I got it to the point where I could "point and click"
to install the driver off the server.  The lexmark driver was initially
installed on the 2k and xp clients.  I had the "use client driver = yes"
because I had problems with the print queue saying "access denied".  What
kind of printers do you have?  Models, etc.  For the lexmark printer, I just
end up getting 0 byte spool files.  What options did you use to compile



 workgroup = Popstar
 netbios name = Paint-Roller
 server string = Print Server (Samba %v)
 interfaces = eth0
 bind interfaces only = Yes
 encrypt passwords = Yes
 min passwd length = 0
 null passwords = Yes
 log level = 10
 log file = /etc/samba/logs/smblog-%m.txt
 announce version = 4.0
 name resolve order = wins bcast
 time server = Yes
 deadtime = 45
wins server =  hosts allow =
username map = /etc/samba/usernames.cfg
 preferred master = Yes
 domain master = Yes
 local master = Yes
 printing = lprng
 print command = lpr -U%u -P%p -r %s
 lpq command = lpq -U%u -P%p
 lprm command = lprm -U%u -P%p %j
 lppause command = lpc -U%u hold  %p %j
 lpresume command = lpc -U%u release%p %j
 queuepause command = lpq -U%u stop %p
 queueresume command = lpq -U%u start %p

 path = /tmp
 hosts allow =
 hosts deny =

 comment = "Lexmark Z22 Color JetPrinter"
 use client driver = yes
 path = /etc/samba/printers/Lexmark
 printable = Yes


In looking at your smb.conf settings, I'm assuming you have the Lexmark
print drivers installed on each client. Win95 systems automatically
install a local driver, but NT systems want to spool from an NT server
by default. With the "use client driver = yes" you are telling the
clients to look for a local Lexmark driver and to spool from the client
machine. You won't be spooling from your samba server. With the NT
clients you wouldn't necessarily need the samba printer if they have a
local driver, you could TCP/IP print or communicate directly with the
unix LPD service if you've got the LPR drivers from Microsoft.

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