[Samba] groupmap on member server

Dean Knape knape at njit.edu
Tue Oct 28 18:31:38 GMT 2003


My setup is a multimaster win2k domain with full trusts established.  My 
samba server has joined one of the master domains as a member server. 
smb.conf has encrypted passwords enabled and security=domain and running 
  on Samba Version 3.0.1pre1 on Linux 2.4.20-20.9smp.

Groupmap seems not to work as I was expecting it to.  I am trying to map 
  the local unix group "itms_office" to domain group "itms office" using:

net groupmap add ntgroup="itms office" unixgroup=itms_office type=d

/etc/group contains the following line for itms_office:

The share is setup as follows:
         comment         = test share
         path            = /export/data/test
         valid users     = @itms_office @staff
         writable        = yes
         printable       = no

Am I missing something?


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