[Samba] Re: Configuration options used in compiling Debian Samba 3.0 packages

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at oit.gatech.edu
Tue Oct 28 17:26:47 GMT 2003

"Vetter, Gary H." <ghvetter at state.nd.us> writes:

> Sorry if this is more a Debian question than a Samba one. Are the
> Debian binary packages for Samba 3.0 on the Samba site compiled with
> active directory and kerberos support? Is there a general way to
> tell what options were used when compiling Debian packages?

As I normal user, I make an empty temporary directory and run

   apt-get source samba

which downloads the binary source package and unpacks it.  I then
visit the "debian" directory inside of the package source tree to see
how things were compiled:

   cd samba-3.0.0final
   cd debian

If you look at the "rules" file and search for "configure" you will
see the big configure command they use.

In the case of the samba package they seem to use neither the option
for explicitly compiling ADS support, nor for krb5 support; but we can
see that these are by default both built anyway by looking at 
samba's "./configure --help" output:

  --with-ads              Active Directory support (default auto)
  --with-krb5=base-dir    Locate Kerberos 5 support (default=/usr)

So the best answer I can give at the moment is: these are not
configured explicitly, but, looking at samba-common's dependencies
with "aptitude" it does look like it requires libkrb53, which strongly
suggests the presence of Kerberos support.

I wonder if there is a file or server somewhere that would show what
the output of ./configure or make looked like when a Debian package
was built?  Then we could see for sure what packages ./configure was
able to find and what features it could not support.

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