[Samba] Re: Failed to compile Samba with SSL

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at oit.gatech.edu
Tue Oct 28 17:11:36 GMT 2003

"Pavel Shmidt"  <cacadu at mail.ru> writes:

> cd SSLeay-0.9.0b
> ./Configure linux-elf
> make
> make install
> cd ../samba-2.2.7/source
> ./configure --with-ssl
> Linking bin/smbd
> smbd/ssl.o: In function `sslutil_init':
> smbd/ssl.o(.text+0x2a5): undefined reference to `SSL_library_init'
> smbd/ssl.o(.text+0x2bb): undefined reference to `RAND_egd'
> smbd/ssl.o(.text+0x42b): undefined reference to `SSL_CTX_use_certificate_chain_file'
> smbd/ssl.o(.text+0x5f4): undefined reference to `SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa_callback'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make: *** [bin/smbd] Error 1

In the past I have generally found this kind of error to be either:
the result of using a different version of a library that the one for
which a program is designed (so you might want to check and see what
particular version of what ssl library Samba needs), or the result of
having old or incompatible .h files lying around - say, if I had once
installed an older version of ssl and its .h files were the ones samba
was picking up, the header files might refer to symbols no longer in
ssl (so you might want to check the output of samba's ./configure call
to see where it thinks it found the ssl header files, and if that's
where your earlier "make install" really put them).

Brandon Craig Rhodes                         http://www.rhodesmill.org/brandon
Georgia Tech                                            brandon at oit.gatech.edu

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