[Samba] Problems with migrating Samba 3.0 installation between servers

Andrew Pollock andrew-samba at andrew.net.au
Tue Oct 28 11:32:34 GMT 2003


I've reinstalled the server that I use as my Samba PDC, and run into a few 

the old server (which is still available for fossicking through) was 
running a prerelease Samba 3.0 (3.0.alpha23)

the new server is running 3.0final

I have a couple of Windows 2000 workstations using it as a PDC in NT4 
domain mode, and I'm using roaming profiles.

The few problems I've run into:

* SID was wrong
	managed to set it to match the SID of the old server
	(net getlocalsid domainname on old server, net setlocalsid blah)

* password for machine account was wrong
	managed to set it to match the old machine account password
	(pdbedit -l -w, selective editting, pdbedit -i smbpasswd -e 

* Ran into a few issues with % tokens getting misinterpretted, which
struck me as odd, but I changed a few things and it was happy

So I got around all of these hurdles, and could log in, login scripts ran, 
my roaming profile seems to have been *partially* loaded.

The main problem I've got is I'm not a Domain Admin, and Win2K seems to
partially think that the domain name is the name of the Samba server, 
instead of what's specified as the workgroup in the smb.conf file.

I've used "net groupmap", to specify that a group that my user account is
in as being in the Domain Admins NT group, and a "net groupmap list" 
reflects the changes successfully.

However, when I logout and log back in again, I'm still not a Domain 

a "net user blah /domain" in Win2K lists my account as being in global 
groups Domain Admins and Domain Users, however it doesn't list it as being 
in Power Users or a couple of other groups that I've specified it to be in 
with "net groupmap". And of course I can't do things like make changes to 
domain membership because it says I don't have administrative access.

So I'm asking for help with:

getting Domain Admin access

confirming what everybody thinks the domain name is

Thanks in advance


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