[Samba] template homedir confusion

Sverre Johan Tøvik sjt at drmstu.hibu.no
Mon Oct 27 22:50:12 GMT 2003


I have set up Samba 3.0.0 with ADS integration. It works fine, with a
workaround for a small oddity.

I use template homedirs like this:
      template homedir = /home/%D/%U

On a soon-to-be-retired server running 3.0a19, I have a directory LOCAL
(as in LOCAL.DOMAIN.NAME) containing the homedirs - this works as
expected from the output of "getent passwd", which shows the homedirs of
domain users as /home/LOCAL/username. However, on my new server with
3.0.0, this wouldn't work. Examining smbd.log, I found that smbd
actually looks for /home/LOCAL.DOMAIN.NAME/username. Slightly puzzled, I
checked the getent output again, and sure enough, it still says
/home/LOCAL/username. A simple symlink fixed the problem, but it does
seem odd. I looked through the release notes, but didn't see this
mentioned (though I might have overlooked it). Anyone care to comment? I
assume this is not an accidental change of behavior... :-)


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