[Samba] Help with settings for Internet usage.

James Lewis james at s-1.com
Mon Oct 27 21:36:35 GMT 2003

I'd like to use Samba to access files on an Internet based server (which
is primarily a web server), from Windows XP clients, over the Internet.

The server is in a data center, the XP machines are on a cable
connection with 1.5Mbps down and 256kbps up. Port 139 is blocked by the

I'm looking for help with settings that will optimise Samba for this

I have a basic configuration, and it is only just usable. The transfer
speed once a file is open is acceptable, but the time it takes for files
to be open for reading and writing is just a little too long (in the
order of a few seconds). This makes a multiple file save that would be
instant to a local HD or local file server take a long time (about 40
seconds for example for 20 files).

I am using stunnel at both ends to get around the port 139 restriction.
Might this be contributing to the slow file open speed? Are there any
better ways to make this connection?

I have disabled the webclient service in XP.

Thanks for any help.


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