[Samba] roaming profiles in Samba 2.2 vs 3

brian at krusic.com brian at krusic.com
Mon Oct 27 20:34:22 GMT 2003


I'm getting a bit further but now I get the message;

Windows did not load your profile because a server copy 
already exsists that does not have the correct security.  
Either the current user of Administrators group must be the 
owner of the folder.

This happens if the profile folder exsists or not.  The Unix 
perms are chowned to the user logging in and I've tried;

chown profile
chmod -R 700
chmod -R 777

I've also mapped the NT group to the Unix group via the "net 
groupmap add" facility.

I did compile with --with-automount and --with-acl-support.  
I'm not sure if Samba 2.2.7 with Redhat had these features.


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