[Samba] Samba from Windows XP authenticating against Unix passwd file

Lets Go Canes letsgonhlcanes at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 27 19:50:13 GMT 2003

Hi all.

I have an existing Samba environment consisting of some Samba 2.x
servers, and Windows NT clients.  For some of the Samba servers, the
clients authenticate against the Unix passwd file.  Everything works as

Now, some of the clients are getting upgraded to Windows XP, and they
are no longer able to connect.  Searches revealed that there is a
registry hack to disable "sign and seal", but this hasn't helped.  I
also found a refence to changing a local policy on sending cleartext
passwords to 3rd-party SMB servers, but this also doesn't seem to have
changed anything.

Can anyone here help me find what I need to change on Windows XP so
these clients can connect again?

Lets Go Canes!

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