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Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Sun Oct 26 23:14:31 GMT 2003

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Marco Zimmermann írta:
|>I didn't know where else to call for help. Here it goes. I trying to
|>replace our Win2k PDC with a combination of Samba3-LDAP-PDC.
|>But I'm not
|>having much luck in retaining my user's local profiles, I
|>want this PDC
|>migration to be as simple and transparent as possible, but
|>the new samba
|>pdc doesn't seem to want to recognize the old profiles (same with the
|>clients,even with the same domain name they would not
|>recognize the PDC
|>as the old one). Can anyone help? What must I do to retain my user's
|>local profiles ??? (and I don't want to store the profiles on
|>the server
|>since some of them are huge profiles).
| If you haven't a lot of profiles (or users), you can fix this problem by
| manual edit the registry. I don't know if it really works, because I had
| to do this after a Win NT4 to Win2k migration, but maybe it work in your
| case too:
| -Log on with the new SID
| -Now you will find an additional folder in the "Documents and Settings"
| folder containing the user- and domain name (an maybe other character)
| -log out, and login in with the local administrator account
| -open regedit and move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
| NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
| -you will find several entry's named by SID's
| -Find the entry from the new user which was created as you logged in
| before (you recognize it by the ProfileImagePath-Value)
| -Change this Value to the old profile path
| -You may have to restart the computer now and it should work
| Regards, Marco.
You could also try the profiles tool which comes with samba, it is able
to change the sids.

Good Luck!

Geza Gemes
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