Fixed: [Samba] 3.0.1pre1 broke my 'valid users' on one share

Aaron_Colichia at Aaron_Colichia at
Sun Oct 26 15:08:57 GMT 2003

Setting 'winbind use default domain = no' and adjusting my share access to
use the DOMAIN+ prefix fixed the problem.

There must be some portions of samba which are not friendly with this
option, yet.

The main reason why I like this option being, when ADS user's login to my
server via ssh they can use the username alone, instead of prepending

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I assume I can't set this on a per share basis, which will break other

My other access lists make use of the ADS groups, like "@Domain Users"

When I specify the domain with these, would that be "@EST+Domain Users" ? or
something else ?

Due to the ridiculous spam I now receive since signing up two months ago, I
am now off this list permanently.

If you do reply, please send direct.

Thanks for the suggestion,

Aaron Colichia

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Aaron_Colichia at wrote:

| Before updating to 3.0.1pre1, the following smb.conf worked. Now when
| users try to hit the [broke] share they are denied access. Winbind has 
| no problem finding the users and groups for the domain. I've verified 
| filesystem permissions, "Domain Users" have full RW access. I do not 
| seeing anything coming across my smbd log files.

Try setting "winbindd use default domain = no" and let me know. (Have I said
how much I hate that parameter today?).

cheers, jerry
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