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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Oct 26 05:32:12 GMT 2003

On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 13:40, John H Terpstra wrote:
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> Date: 19 Oct 2003 22:29:01 -0500
> From: Chuck Stuettgen <cstuettgen at myrealbox.com>
> To: John H Terpstra <jht at samba.org>
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> Subject: Samba+e-Directory Working!
> John,
> I am sending this to you as my posts are still not making it to the list
> and I have not heard from Martin Pool. Is he still the list admin?
> Anyway,
> I thought I would bring you up-to-date on my project to get Samba 2.2.8a
> to use Novell's e-Directory 8.71 running on a NetWare 6.0SP3 server for
> authentication.
> The exciting news is; I have Samba+e-Directory authentication working!

Not really...

>   encrypt passwords = no

That really doesn't count as 'working'.  Working would be actually using
ldapsam against edirectory.  We have bugs out against that, it appears
that (at least certain versions of) edirectory does not follow the
relevant RFCs.


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