[Samba] Re: Samba Permissions

Dan Bar Daniel.Bar at seznam.cz
Sat Oct 25 13:39:18 GMT 2003

Buck Turgidson napsal(a):

> I just installed samba on my private  home network.  It looks like I only have
> read access to shares.  Using swat, I changed the create, security, and
> directory mask to 777, and committed the changes.  But I still can't write.  Can
> someone tell me what I did wrong?

Commit itself only change config, but samba itself do not know about the 
change yet. Configs are automatically reread each 60 seconds (I think) 
otherwise you have to issue manual samba reload (in Debian invoke.rc 
samba reload).

Are you sure that filesystem perms are ok? If everything look ok, run 
smbcontrol smbd debug 3 to rise amount of debug info and look into logs.


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