[Samba] samba3, cups, and pointprint drivers install

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sat Oct 25 10:27:31 GMT 2003

> [Samba] samba3, cups, and pointprint drivers install
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>     * Subject: [Samba] samba3, cups, and pointprint drivers install
>     * From: awesome-dave1 at junodotcom
>     * Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 21:09:29 -0400
> Hello,
> 	I've got a redhat9 system with cups and samba3 installed. I want to use
> this machine for both local and network printing. On the local side apps
> can print just fine, the cups configuration is working great.
> Network-side is not the case. I've got a mixture of 2k and 9x clients, so
> i'm going to need drivers for both configurations. In smb.conf i've got:
> printcap name = cups
> printing = cups
> load printers = yes
> I'm logging on to a 2k box as an administrator, in smbusers i have the 2k
> administrator mapped to the root user and an entry for root in smbpasswd.
> I can navigate to the machine, i go to the printers share, right click
> the printer, go to properties, say no to load the driver, then go to the
> advanced tab, new driver, install the driver from the hp rom, that
> appears to go fine, however when i click the ok or apply button i get the
> message driver settings could not be saved.

Have you followed through the procedure suggested in "step 11" in


or in


to make sure you have a valid "device mode"?

> They're going in
> /etc/samba/drivers with permissions of 775, the share is owned by root

Has the share subdirs of at least "W32X86" and "WIN40"?

(When writing my previous comment, I thought you had successfully
*installed* the driver already, but now failed to save the driver
settings. Here it seems the driver wasn't uploaded at all...)

> and group of ntadmin who has write access to the share, other than that
> it is a read only share. I've also explicitly added root to the Linux
> ntadmin group. I'm not sure where to debug this, i'm not getting anything
> useful in cups.log 

Up to this point it all goes into the Samba logs. CUPS doesn't come into
play yet.

A good command to change the debug level of Samba to 3 is

    "smbcontrol smbd debug 3"

Then you can watch what happens while you work on the driver with

    "tail -f /var/log/cups/log.smbd"

or similar.

> and my cups is listening on the localhost port 631.
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Dave.

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