[Samba] Browse list sync problems

Suporte / Radar TV suporte at radartv.com.br
Sat Oct 25 00:39:25 GMT 2003

	Hello all. I have recently connected a branch office to our main
network, with Samba servers on both subnets. Server SGI at
is our DMB and WINS, while Panserv at is LMB for its subnet.
They communicate very well and always sync their browse lists
successfully, but Panserv never removes entries from its list, even
after syncing with SGI's updated list. It doesn't even remove computers
from its own subnet, what makes SGI also keeping them on the complete
list. I've tried to disable enhanced browsing on Panserv and enabling
remote browse sync on SGI, with no results, and I've found only a little
bit of information about this issue, none of them being really useful.
Maybe someone can help me out with this?

Best regards,

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