[Samba] Should I use winbind in this case

Douglas Phillipson phillipd at oem.doe.gov
Fri Oct 24 20:28:45 GMT 2003

I can't seem to get an answer to this question...

Should I use winbind if my Domain Controller is a samba machine?  Or is 
it only useful if my DC is a real MS DC and I have other unix/linux 
client machines?

I'm strictly wanting to provide file and domain logon services to 
Win2000 machines via a samba DC.  There are no other DC's involved. 
After reading the 3.0 HowTo on winbind all I see are references to 
winbind helping linux/unix resolve usernames from a Windows DC.  If I'm 
using a linux/samba box as the DC I don't need this for my win2000 
users, in a domain on the Samba DC, to gain access to shares, right? 
Would winbind help me in any other way in trying to use ACL's?


Doug P

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