[Samba] can't add smb printer on windows

Kaleb Pederson kpederson at mail.ewu.edu
Fri Oct 24 19:44:07 GMT 2003

I have a single group of users, some of whom can successfully add my samba 
printer and some of whom can't.  There should be no difference as they are 
all part of the same group.  The error message is as follows:

"A policy is in effect on your computer which prevents you from connecting to
this print que. Please contact your system administrator."

I saw a reference to this error in some of the older documentation, but 
nothing that describes it for samba-3.0.0.  The drivers are loaded on the 
server and have successfully been pushed out to a number of users, but not 

Any idea what the problem is?



PS: please CC me, although I will try to watch the list for the next few days.

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