[Samba] Samba 2.2.8 and NFS together?

coyote cepperly at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 24 18:42:08 GMT 2003

Hi All,

	I have a rather unique (at least from reading the archives) 
situation that has me stumped, and I'm hoping the gurus can help.
Here's my problem, I have a Solaris 2.8 server running Samba 2.2.8
which sits on two networks (no routing between networks).  On one
side of the Samba server are 100 PCs running a mix of Win95 and Win98
which have touch screens and no keyboards, that are used as CBT
machines.  These machines are only connected on this local lan and
there are no domain controllers on that lan.  These machines use
NFS to attach disk from the Solaris Samba server.  On the other side
of the Samba server is the corporate network, where the CBT maintainers
have their workstations.  We are using Samba to serve disk to these
maintenance PCs (which run NT4).  The company's domain controllers
are also on this segment.
	Now, here's the rub... If Samba daemons are running on the
Samba server, then when the CBT machines, using NFS, attempt to attach
to the disk on the Solaris Samba server, Samba catches the request
for disk attachment and denies access.  Stranger still, it only seems
to affect the Win95 clients, and not the Win98 clients.  I'm very
puzzled and can find no reason why Samba would be picking up a request
on the nfs port.  My only thought is that somehow, the Win95 machines
are attempting to use SMB instead of NFS, but we only see this problem
when the Samba daemons are running.  If Samba is shutdown on the server,
then all CBT machines connect using NFS (as is correct).
	Here is a visual of the layout

    NT PCs                                     Win95/Win98 PCs
    Samba Access                               NFS Access      

    ------------   |                      |
    | Admin PC |---|     -----------      |   ----------
    |          |   |     | Solaris |      |---| CBT PC |
    ------------   |     | Server  |      |   ----------
                   |     | 1.Samba |      |   ----------
                   |-----| 2.NFS   |------|---| CBT PC |
    ------------   |     -----------      |   ----------
    | Admin PC |---|                      |   ----------
    |          |   |                      |---| CBT PC |   
    ------------   |                      |   ----------
             Domain Servers

Of course, you might ask why we're doing something this crazy, why not 
just use one disk sharing method or the other.  Well, I don't get to
make those decisions, I just implement what is asked for.  One reason
for not using Samba on the CBT side is that we are using domain security
and the CBT's can't see the domain controllers, and have generic userids
that are not set up in the domain.  On the Admin PC side we are 
requiring that all users accessing the server must be authenticated by
the domain.

	In anycase, I'm having great difficulty in figuring out what is
happening here.  Any assistance would be most appreciated, and more info
can be provided upon request (as I'm sure I've left something out that
may/may not be important).


Clarke Epperly
cepperly at earthlink.net

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