[Samba] Advice needed for Samba 3 setup for multiple Linux boxes in established Win2k AD domain...

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Thanks John,

It was my understanding that Samba would not synchronize with Unix accounts, and as such presumed that winbind was the way to go, but on setting up a server using Samba 3.0.0-2 from either source or RPM I found that, whilst I could successfully add the server to the AD and groupmap an AD group to a local UNIX group, when I accessed the share from a win2k client logged in as a user within the mapped AD group I did not have access rights to the share.

I have probably missed something in your HOW-TO which would enable me to access the share, any pointers would be helpful.



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> Hi all,
> I have the lucky task of being able to set-up a DEV environment for our
> developers. We plan on using redhat 9 with Samba 3 and making each
> server an AD domain member of an established Win2K domain.
> The advice I would like is the best way to implement this, I'd like to
> hopefully leave the Win2K domain admins power to create users on the
> Win2K domain, and automatically add users to the Linux Samba servers, if
> it's possible.

Samba does not do account synchronisation with UNIX. That would be a bad
solution from an administrative perspective.

Samba allows you to use NT4 domain, or Active Directory, accounts without
requiring local /etc/passwd entries. Winbind is the tool that handles

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