[Samba] security=domain problem

Reedick, Andrew JAReedick at Z-TEL.com
Fri Oct 24 14:04:25 GMT 2003

	Not even close.

	I do not want to use 'security = server'.  The samba documentation
says that 'security=server' is a Bad Idea(tm) plus when I do use
'security=server', it's not robust enough to work over a WAN, and finally,
'security=server' isn't a supported samba configuration for the product I'm
using it for (ClearCase.)

	'security=user' works well, but 'security = domain' does not.  I
really want to use 'security=domain' to avoid the password synchronization
headaches of 'security=user'.

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Hi Andrew
i think 
   security = server
   password server = "name_of_password_server"
will get you there

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