[Samba] Network path not found

Marc Drouin marc.drouin at fondex.ca
Fri Oct 24 13:33:03 GMT 2003

Hi group

I have been toying with samaba for a while now and I only manage to get it
to work haphasardly.

The problem I have is I cannot see the shares i have created on the Samba
machine, I get a Network path not found message.

Here is what I have so far:

1.  Samba installed and running.  Share have been created.  Samba macchine
is named Linux

2.  On the samba machine, smbclient -L Linux returns the shares I have

3.  However, the command net view Linux or net use \\linux\tmp on any other
win machine returns "network path not found".

4.  Also, the command nmblookup Linux  on the samba machine returns
"name_query has not found name Linux"  but nmblookup Winmachine retruns the
IP of that  machine.

To help you, here is the set up I have:

- windows network
- PDC is a win2000 pro machine, also DHCP server

smb.conf file looks somewhat like this:


netbios name = Linux
workgroup = myworkgroup
encrypt passwords = yes
security = share
guest = ftp


path = /tmp
public = yes
guest ok = yes
guest only = yes
browseable = yes
read only = no

Can anyone help me with this problemm.  I have tried the trouble shooting
from the o'reily book and it seems that I have a netbios name "recongnition"
problem that is not covered in the o'reily book.  The only thing I have not
looked at is the password issues.  Sonce I'm not restricting access to my
share I did not think it was necessary.

Thanks all,


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