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Thu Oct 23 20:48:14 GMT 2003

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Sebastian Davancens írta:
| Hi all. how can i do to run a sript in a Samba PDC
| server (Redhat 9.0, Samba 3.0) each time that someboy
| connects to a share on the server from a client? The
| script is a shell script. IT IS NOT THE LOGON SCRIPT.
| I tried with some parameters like exec, preexec and
| root preexec, but i got nothing. this is the script:
| for i in `cat /etc/group |grep $1 | cut -d: -f1` ; do
|    touch /home/$1/._$i
| done
| please, somebody hel me with this..
| thanks in advance
| Sebastian
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Specify in the share
preexec script = scriptname %U if you want to run the script as the
connecting user
root preexec script = scriptname %U if you want to run the script as
root (Think twice if you realy need this)
or replace preexec with postexec, if you want to run it after the user
disconects, in my opinion much less reliable.

Good Luck,

Geza Gemes
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