[Samba] Possible to make samba ignore file permissions?

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Wed Oct 22 20:40:15 GMT 2003

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Adam Kennedy írta:
| I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
| Is there a way to setup samba to pretty much ignore file permissions, but
| allow the write list of users to modify files in shares?
| The problem I have, is users need permission through samba to modify web
| pages, but they need to NOT have permission when they FTP in or
through shell.
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Sorry for saying that but I would suggest to try a non Samba aproach:
If your webserver is apache you could try mod_dav which would allow your
DAV enabled clients (MS Office 2000/XP, Win2k,XP, Liinux, etc.) to
read/write the DAV enabled directories. As you would need to chown that
directories to the user of your webserver, or if your filesystem suports
give the rwx right by acl. In this way your users could write to the
pages only through DAV and not via shell, ftp, etc.

Good Luck!

Geza Gemes
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