[Samba] AFS thru Samba 3.0

Sandor Feher sfeher at bluesystem.hu
Wed Oct 22 12:37:53 GMT 2003

Hi folks,

I've ran many circles about this topic, read tons of documents. But have 
not found a working solution. Here is the scenario:

There is a network contains around 350+ nodes, mixed Win98 and Win2k.
There are four mars_nwe servers they use. We'd like to migrate that 4 
servers into an AFS cell and offer it thru Samba which should be acting as 
a PDC. So far it seems not too difficult. The questions are the 

1. How can I get samba to authenticate thru AFS 

2. Which method should I use (--with-afs or --with-fake-kserver) I did not 
found any documentation about them.

To use the native AFS client for windows is not a good solution. We don't 
want to install it on every single nodes 8(. 
We need afs due to acls. (Posix acls is not enough to solve our special 
needs.) I'm open for every other solution.

thanks, Sandor

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