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> Hi John,
>    Well... that's a tough one.   I'm under the gun to do some php
> thing with samba's config.  Either template based, or something off of
> loadparm.c.   It just strikes me that the guts of the config file
> loading, saving and parsing are already implemented in C, yet are only
> used in cgi.c by swat.
>    My C is VERY rusty (haven't coded a good solid app in about 8+
> years)...  On the other hand, getting a php module out of that code
> would be pretty sweet and make a lot of people's life easier.
> 	So what I'm gonna do is 2 things.  First, make a little parser bridge
> for testparm's output (php-ize the output and use that for constraints
> checking), and try to make a loadparm lib.. it won't be a try swat
> replacement, just something to deal with samba's config file.. I'll give
> a stab at it.. nothing official.   Unless it a success.

Before you go totally down this road, you may want to at least look at


The smb.conf parsing is working well enough that there is a perl-GTK2
gui available (work in progress).

A php or html frontend should also be possible.


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