[Samba] More problems - samba 3 and ADS

Ron Gage ron at rongage.org
Wed Oct 22 02:27:01 GMT 2003

This is really getting the better of me now...

I was able to get the samba machine (samba 3, Slackware 9) to join the Active 
Directory domain (Windows 2000 Advanced Server).  The samba machine shows up 
under AD Users and Computers and also shows up in Network Neighborhood.

So far, so good...

Trying to browse the samba server however, first was giving me problems about 
"username and/or password are incorrect".  After finding the blurb at the end 
of chapter 5 in the Howto Collection by J. Terpstra, I started to play with 
the client/server signing and schannel settings, both in Windows and in 
Samba.  For fun, I also was playing with the spnego settings.

I don't know if I am making any progress though, since now I am getting "This 
account is not authorized to log in from this station" messages on Windows 
when trying to browse the samba machine.  Incidentily, this is the 
administrator account that isn't authorized....

What the heck am I doing wrong now????
Ron Gage - LPIC1, A+, Net+
Pontiac, Michigan

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