[Samba] Samba 3 in MIT Kerberos Realm

Aaron Rosenblum arosenbl at mac.com
Wed Oct 22 00:07:25 GMT 2003


	I have been reading through the docs for Samba 3, and there is a lot 
of talk about how samba 3 can function in an AD domain as a member 
server and accept kerberos service tickets issued by an MS KDC.  (net 
ads join, etc...)
	I have a slightly different twist on a similar situation.  I have an 
MIT kerberos realm set up and my Windows2000 PCs get tickets from this 
realm on login just fine.  I would like to set up a samba server as 
purely a fileserver, and I want my PC clients to be able to mount samba 
shares using Kerberos service tickets issued by my MIT KDC.  I know 
many more people are probably using AD as their KDC, but we want to 
decrease our reliance on AD.  (That is the idea, isn't it? :-) )  It 
seems like this should work. Is this possible?  If so, how do I 
configure the samba server?  What do I tell my Kerberos admin to put in 
the keytab for samba?  ie smbserver/my.host.com at my.realm.com ???

As an addition, I am fine with managing my users locally on this samba 
server (as opposed to binding to an LDAP server). Our KDC has a large 
number of users in it, and I only want to give access to a very small 
subset of these users.  I just want these users to be able to present a 
service ticket from our MIT realm as authentication instead of being 
prompted for a password.

any input would be greatly appreciated..



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