[Samba] Re: Why doesn't my wins.dat list all the LMBs?

David Wuertele dave-gnus at bfnet.com
Tue Oct 21 23:18:21 GMT 2003

Me> Why aren't the LMBs listed in this file?  The actual LMBs
Me> can be found by running nmblookup on the two subnets:

Gerald> This is by design.  It's how browsing works.  LMB are never
Gerald> listed in WINS since there is no need.  BY definition an LMB
Gerald> is local to a broadcast subnet.  LMB sync with the DMB, not
Gerald> each other.

Thanks, that makes sense.

Me> I wanted to know which boxes were the LMBs and the DMB, so I
Me> looked into the wins.dat on the WINS server.  But in wins.dat, I
Me> only see one line that has MSBROWSE in it:
Me>  "^A^B__MSBROWSE__^B#01" 1066639333 e4R
Me> Is this supposed to be the DMB?

Gerald> No.  The DMB is workgroup<0x1b>

OK, I can see that entry now.  Excellent.
So what is the
 "^A^B__MSBROWSE__^B#01" 1066639333 e4R
entry for?


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