[Samba] solaris build problem

Varadaraj Dasari jun_gleey at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 21:36:42 GMT 2003

I am trying to build samba-3.0 on solaris 5.6 and i
get the following error
during the 'make' stage.

rpc_server/srv_pipe.o: In function `get_pipe_fns':
rpc_server/srv_pipe.o(.text+0x7020): undefined
reference to `lsa_get_pipe_fns'
rpc_server/srv_pipe.o(.text+0x7038): undefined
reference to `lsa_ds_get_pipe_fn
rpc_server/srv_pipe.o(.text+0x7050): undefined
reference to `samr_get_pipe_fns'
rpc_server/srv_pipe.o(.text+0x7068): undefined
reference to `netlog_get_pipe_fn
rpc_server/srv_pipe.o(.text+0x7098): undefined
reference to `wkssvc_get_pipe_fn
rpc_server/srv_pipe.o(.text+0x70b0): undefined
reference to `reg_get_pipe_fns'
rpc_server/srv_pipe.o(.text+0x70e0): undefined
reference to `netdfs_get_pipe_fn
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bin/smbd] Error 1

These are function calls made from within the
srv_pipe.c and these functions
are defined in other .c files in the same directory. I
have built for the linux
with the same configure options i am using for the 
solaris. The configure line
is as follows:

 ./configure \
--exec_prefix=/cte/local/$arch \
--with-swatdir=/cte/local/$arch/swat \
        --localstatedir=/var --with-smbwrapper
--with-automount \
--with-logfilebase=/var/log \
        --enable-cups --with-acl-support
--with-privatedir=/etc/samba/private \
        --with-lockdir=$lockdir --with-piddir=$lockdir
--with-pam --with-pam_smbpass \
        --with-libsmbclient --with-winbind \
        --enable-cups -with-utmp --with-msdfs \

I found some messages in the mailing list archives
that said that the rpc
libraries are not available for solaris yet and the
configure option --enable-sha
red should not be used. As it can be seen i dont it on
the configure line, I
was wondering if any one else ran into the same
problem or have any ideas towards
 solving this problem


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