[Samba] Machine Loosing it's account

Jerry Haltom jhaltom at feedbackplusinc.com
Tue Oct 21 19:00:23 GMT 2003

I have two W2K machines joining to my new Samba 3.0 (LDAP based) domain.
Things are working pretty smoothly... or so I thought

Somehow, machine accounts are getting messed up, but I can't determine

I join both machines to the domain successfully.

I then rejoin one, I reformatted it or something.

The other then says it's domain computer account is missing.

I am at a total loss to explain this. Both LDAP objects for the machines
look fine. They both have different names, different SIDs, different
uid's. They're in the right place. Their nt/lm passwords are both
different. What I would expect from two distinct computers...

so why would one keep loosing his domain account?

Thanks for the fast help. :D

Jerry Haltom <jhaltom at feedbackplusinc.com>
Feedback Plus, Inc.

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