[Samba] Re: swatlib?

Alex itzaberhad at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 03:39:35 GMT 2003

Hi John,

   Well... that's a tough one. :-)  I'm under the gun to do some php 
thing with samba's config.  Either template based, or something off of 
loadparm.c.   It just strikes me that the guts of the config file 
loading, saving and parsing are already implemented in C, yet are only 
used in cgi.c by swat.
   My C is VERY rusty (haven't coded a good solid app in about 8+ 
years)...  On the other hand, getting a php module out of that code 
would be pretty sweet and make a lot of people's life easier. :-)
	So what I'm gonna do is 2 things.  First, make a little parser bridge 
for testparm's output (php-ize the output and use that for constraints 
checking), and try to make a loadparm lib.. it won't be a try swat 
replacement, just something to deal with samba's config file.. I'll give 
a stab at it.. nothing official. :-)  Unless it a success. :-)


John H Terpstra wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, Alex wrote:
>>   Anyone have by any chance created a swatlib?  I'm curious about maybe
>>making a swatlib that can be used as the basis to make a php loadable
>>module to control Samba's config file....
> No. Not takers for this yet. SWAT really needs a make-over. Are you
> interested?
> - John T.

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