[Samba] Word 2002 Samba problem

Santiago del Roi santiago at brainslide.com
Tue Oct 21 00:48:22 GMT 2003

Strange problem with Samba (2.2.8) and Word 2002.  When trying to open a
word document on a Samba share from a Windows 98 workstation, Word hangs
and never opens the file.  User has full access to the share and can copy
the file to the local computer in Explorer and then open the file in Word
from the local drive.  Then they can copy it back to the server.  This is
what they've been doing as a workaround.  Users who are running Windows XP
and Word 2002 do not have this problem.  They can access the files
directly from the Samba server without issue.  The wrench in the works is
that this network also has a Netware 4 file server and all the clients
have both MS and Netware client software loaded.

Now, a bit about my configuration:  Samba 2.2.8.  WINS support enabled. 
NOT PDC, just workgroup mode (cause the netware is their primary
fileserver and only certain users need access the Samba box)  TCP/IP is
used for Samba fileserver, not IPX.

Any thoughts?

At night I dream of a world
where Windows doesn't suck.

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