[Samba] Win9x Cannot Find Server, WinY2k Can

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Mon Oct 20 18:34:01 GMT 2003

> | Currently Win9x boxes cannot resolve, but -
> | [awilliam at estate2 awilliam]$ nmblookup -U -R sardine
> | querying sardine on
> | sardine<00>
> | [awilliam at estate2 awilliam]$
> what about
> 	nmblookup -U -R 'sardine#20'
> ?

[awilliam at estate2 awilliam]$ nmblookup -U -R 'sardine#20'
querying sardine on sardine<20>

Of course, it is all working perfectly right now. :(

> | Attempting to map on a Win9x results in "Computer or share name could
> | not be found."
> That doesn't make a lot of sense.

My feelings exactly.

> | I kill'd 15 the nmbd and restarted "nmbd -D" on sardine
> | and now Win9x attachments seem to work. (?)
> grep wins.dat for all the names sardine has registered.
> Should be a <0x00> name and a <0x20> name.

[root at littleboy samba]# grep -i sardine wins.dat
"SARDINE#00" 1066933505 64R
"SARDINE#03" 1066933505 64R
"SARDINE#20" 1066933506 64R
[root at littleboy samba]#

I'll check again if/when it stops working.

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