[Samba] [re-post] Printing issues. 2.2.7, Solaris9

Alex Collins a.collins at apu.ac.uk
Mon Oct 20 14:44:37 GMT 2003

Hi There

   Apologies for re-posting this. I am still at a dead end. Sun "Don't
Support Samba." I have seen nothing in any of the Doc's out there ( If
it is I'd be happy to accept an RTFM ) and need to get this to work.

Any suggestions or hints would be VERY welcome.

        I run a Samba (Version 2.2.7) Print server on a Solaris 9 box.
Setup is pretty simple. There are no users on the box so I map all
failed logins to guest and all that guest can do is print. This works
well in our environment. Samba just provides the mapping to the windows

All the Client machines are Win XP. Users can add modify and delete
printers as required.
        The printers are setup on the server with Solaris lpadmin and
again all run very basic setups.

        We have to send out mailers and have some lovely pre printed
carbon forms which we feed through a Dot Matrix Printer.
They are 11"  wide X 5.5" Long.

        I have setup the Printer and a form (apu-mailer) in Solaris and
it works perfic when you fire a job off with the form name on the
server, but I need to pass an f apu-mailer parameter to the printer via
Samba to tell the Solaris lpd to print using the form, rather than wait
until the form is un mounted from the printer, at which point it treats
them all as A4.

This printer is only ever used to print these forms.

        Is this a Samba issue, A Solaris LP issue or do I need to look
elsewhere ? Any clues or suggestions are welcome.

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