[Samba] Win9x Cannot Find Server, WinY2k Can

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Mon Oct 20 14:31:09 GMT 2003

> | I have a Samba 3.0.0 PDC (and WINS server) that has been running fine
> | for some time.  I also have Samba fileserver running 3.0.0.  The PDC is
> | "littleboy" and the fileserver is "sardine".  This configuration has
> | been stable since the day after 3.0.0 came out,  and we were running
> | 3.0.0pre(s) on the PDC before 3.0.0 was released and that was stable as
> | well.
> | Now (or as of 10/16) we are having problems where Win9x boxes can sign
> | on but cannot resolve the name of "sardine" in order to connect to any
> | resources.  They can resolve the name of the PDC ("littleboy") and print
> | to printer queues defined on the PDC but they can't find sardine.
> | Restarting the smb service fixes it for a little while but then the
> | problem returns.  WinY2k workstations are always able to connect without
> | any errors.  I've also stopped smb, removed /var/cache/samba/wins.dat,
> | and restarted smb - but the problem still returns.
> Does "nmblookup -U <ip of wins server> -R sardine" succeed?

Currently Win9x boxes cannot resolve, but -
[awilliam at estate2 awilliam]$ nmblookup -U -R sardine
querying sardine on sardine<00>
[awilliam at estate2 awilliam]$

Attempting to map on a Win9x results in "Computer or share name could
not be found." is the IP address of "littleboy" (PDC & WINS server)

> If not, does restarting nmbd on sardine cause the name to be
> reregistered with the WINS server?

I kill'd 15 the nmbd and restarted "nmbd -D" on sardine and now Win9x
attachments seem to work. (?)

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