[Samba] Win9x Cannot Find Server, WinY2k Can

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Mon Oct 20 12:39:04 GMT 2003

I have a Samba 3.0.0 PDC (and WINS server) that has been running fine
for some time.  I also have Samba fileserver running 3.0.0.  The PDC is
"littleboy" and the fileserver is "sardine".  This configuration has
been stable since the day after 3.0.0 came out,  and we were running
3.0.0pre(s) on the PDC before 3.0.0 was released and that was stable as

Now (or as of 10/16) we are having problems where Win9x boxes can sign
on but cannot resolve the name of "sardine" in order to connect to any
resources.  They can resolve the name of the PDC ("littleboy") and print
to printer queues defined on the PDC but they can't find sardine. 
Restarting the smb service fixes it for a little while but then the
problem returns.  WinY2k workstations are always able to connect without
any errors.  I've also stopped smb, removed /var/cache/samba/wins.dat,
and restarted smb - but the problem still returns.

I don't see any error messages in the logs.

Any pointers or suggestions would be most welcome.

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