[Samba] [patch] Samba 3.0.1pre1 : unable to link tdbbackup on Solaris 9

Jérôme Fenal jerome.fenal at logicacmg.com
Mon Oct 20 08:13:06 GMT 2003

Hi to all,
On Solaris 9 (and below I think), Samba 3.0.1pre1's tdbbackup now needs snprintf which is not included in Solaris.
The following patch on master Makefile.in (~samba/source) should ease the compilation of tdbbackup :
diff -u Makefile.in.orig Makefile.in
--- Makefile.in.orig    Mon Oct 20 11:06:54 2003
+++ Makefile.in Mon Oct 20 11:07:09 2003
@@ -629,7 +629,7 @@
 POPT_OBJS=popt/findme.o popt/popt.o popt/poptconfig.o \
           popt/popthelp.o popt/poptparse.o
-TDBBACKUP_OBJ = tdb/tdbbackup.o tdb/tdbback.o $(TDBBASE_OBJ)
+TDBBACKUP_OBJ = tdb/tdbbackup.o tdb/tdbback.o lib/snprintf.o $(TDBBASE_OBJ)
 NTLM_AUTH_OBJ = utils/ntlm_auth.o $(LIBSAMBA_OBJ) $(POPT_LIB_OBJ) \
                libsmb/asn1.o libsmb/spnego.o libsmb/clikrb5.o libads/kerberos.o \
It should be included in the case snprintf is absent from the system, but it's done this way with other binaries.

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