[Samba] Help with CUPS, Windows, d/l print drivers

tcg noreply at invalid.com
Sun Oct 19 14:05:34 GMT 2003

On Sunday 19 October 2003 08:26, Scott Ehrlich wrote:
> I'm not seeing where in your reply it says anything about configuring CUPS
> to permit the print drivers to automatically get installed on the client
> machine.

CUPS itself does not provide for automatic download of printer drivers to 
Windows clients. Windows or Samba can handle this task for "Windows printers" 
(those hosted by Windows or Samba), both are well documented. I doubt that 
either Windows or Samba provide automatic download of Windows printer drivers 
for native CUPS hosted (direct IPP printing to CUPS) printers.
A possible workaround is to expose the printer as a "Windows" device, 
auto-install the driver, install the IPP device and associate the already 
installed driver with it, then remove the original Windows device. I haven't 
tried it but it should be possible, and reasonably automatic. Windows/Samba 
would be in the loop for netlogon support plus driver and device installation 
but then out of the loop for the actual printing process.


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