[Samba] Why can't visit my computer?

ÀÏÍ· old_agan at sina.com
Sun Oct 19 11:06:04 GMT 2003

After I had installed samba,I can used "smbclient -L"to view my share resource,but when I type
stevens# smbclient -L   <--This is my ip
added interface ip= bcast= nmask= 
session request to failed (Not listening for calling name) 
session request to 192 failed (Not listening for calling name) 
session request to *SMBSERVER failed (Not listening for calling name) 

This is my smb.conf:
# This is the main Samba configuration file. You should read the 
#======================= Global Settings ===================================== 

# workgroup = NT-Domain-Name or Workgroup-Name, eg: REDHAT4 
workgroup = workgroup 

# server string is the equivalent of the NT Description field 
server string =stevens 

hosts allow =192.168.0 192.168.1. 192.168.2. 192.168.3 127. 

# Uncomment this if you want a guest account, you must add this to /etc/passwd 
# otherwise the user "nobody" is used 
guest account = nobody 

# this tells Samba to use a separate log file for each machine 
# that connects 
log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m 

# Put a capping on the size of the log files (in Kb). 
max log size = 50 

# Security mode. Most people will want user level security. See 
# security_level.txt for details. 
security = share 
socket options = TCP_NODELAY 
dns proxy = no 

# for Traditional Chinese Users 
client code page=950 

#============================ Share Definitions ============================== 
comment = Home Directories 
browseable = no 
writeable = yes 

comment = Temporary file space 
path = /tmp 
guest ok=yes 
read only = yes 
public = yes 

# A publicly accessible directory, but read only, except for people in 
# the "staff" group 
comment = Public Stuff 
valid users=lf 
path = /win/c 
public = yes 
guest ok=yes 
read only=yes 
writeable = no 
; printable = no 
; write list = @staff 

Who can tell me why?Thanks a lot!



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