[Samba] Help with CUPS, Windows, d/l print drivers

Tim Kelley tpk at r00tserverz.net
Sun Oct 19 03:42:43 GMT 2003

On Saturday 18 October 2003 6:37 pm, Scott Ehrlich wrote:
> I've seen various posts to this and other lists about CUPS, Windows
> printing, and downloading of drivers for an IPP printer installed on
> a Windows machine, the printer being serviced by CUPS.
> I have downloaded the respective Windows 9x, 2K, and XP drivers from
> manufacturers' sites, and want to find a way to implement them to
> CUPS, so if anyone opts to mount a printer via http, the drivers will
> automatically download for them, just as they would for mounting the
> printer off our old NT 4 Server (which currently relays to CUPS).
> We've had CUPS running successfully for over a year, and the final
> piece now is to transfer existing Windows users off our NT server and
> directly to CUPS, with drivers automatically installing for them.

Once you set "printing = cups" in your smb.conf, the printers defined 
within cups will automagically show up as printers hosted by this 
machine to windows.

If you are running an NT domain, you should also get winbindd working 
properly, and define a "print admin" user in your smb.conf.

All you need to to add a printer is go the the printers$ share on the 
samba machine from windows and take a look at the "Advanced" tab.  If 
it is greyed out, you have a permissions problem most likely (look at 
the print admin" setting).  You will also need to set the permissions 
properly on the spool directory so that users can write to it (or they 
will not be able to print).

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