[Samba] Nmbd in a infinite loop, doing nothing and sucking 99%CPU (really)

Reinaldo Brandão Gomes rbgomes at mmsi.com
Sat Oct 18 14:03:26 GMT 2003


My problem is that since last Sunday, 6 ultra 10, running solaris 7 stopped having samba working. Those machine are on a client site, a big mining idustry.  SO, all the reports are generated over this data base, that needs to be available.

The nmbd process looks like being in a loop, doing nothing and consuming 99%CPU. I have tried to create a log, using the nmbd -l /var/log/samba.log option, but it didn't work.

If I disconnect the machine from the network, the nmbd process doesn't start, but if I just plug a PC on this machine net, the nmbd imediatelly starts and goes up to 99%CPU utilization.

I can say that nothing was changed in the machines, and we've had this version of samba (5) working for almost 10 years so far.

Have some clue on what can be happening?


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