[Samba] shared files not locked -> samba culprit or clients?

Dmitry Melekhov dm at belkam.com
Sat Oct 18 08:47:55 GMT 2003

>On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 06:10:35PM +0200, Tom Lazar wrote:
>> hello,
>> i have a question concerning the locking feature of samba (both 2.2.8 
>> and 3.0.0) that i haven't found answered in the documentation. at this 
>> point i am not sure, whether it's a bug in samba, the client 
>> applications or simply a misunderstanding of the locking feature itself 
>> on my part - at any rate it's a pressing problem, as my clients are 
>> losing both their data as well as their faith in the server!
>This was a bug in 3.0.0, has been fixed in the 3.0.1 CVS tree
>and in the 3.0.1 pre release.
>I posted the patch on this list, sorry for the problem. If you
>can't find it in the archives (look for "read only Excel file")
>mail me and I'll look it up.

Unfortunately this patch doesn't solve all locking problems :-(
As i wrote (I posted mail to samba-technical by mistake) I have locking
problems with current CVS.

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