[Samba] window 2000 policy changes with a samba pdc

Gordon Heydon gordon at heydon.com.au
Sat Oct 18 07:37:23 GMT 2003


With the release of samba 3.0 I was vey excited with the new features
and decided to experiment with it.

I set my server up as a pdc which I am still working out some of the
bugs but all and all I have it going and have a windows 2000 pro client
join the domain and login and out very easy.

The one problem is that before I roll this out to my other comptuers I
need to change the policy on changing of passwords so that they will
never expire. I read the how-to's and then once I had found the Active
Users and Computers on windows 2000 pro I triied to follow the FAQ and
connect to the Domain Server and it keeps coming up Cannot connect to
pre-2000 Domain: ...

Can anyone help me

Thanks in advance.
Gordon Heydon <gordon at heydon.com.au>

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