[Samba] Samba 3.0.0 issue

Joe Daily jdaily at mines.edu
Sat Oct 18 01:57:23 GMT 2003

I am haveiing asmall problem with samba 3.0.0 as a PDC. The machine joins the 
domain fine and but when I try to on sign the domain i get an error message 
saying that "Windows can not sign onto the domain, A device is not functioning 

I have a couple laptops (1 Win 2k and 2 WIN XP) that work fine with it and 
device manager on the desktop (Win XP) in question says that every thing is 
fine. Why is windows crapping itself? 


Joe Daily

jdaily at mines.edu
jdaily at qnetalpha.com
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may the source be with you..

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