[Samba] samba3 and 2003 server integration

brian at krusic.com brian at krusic.com
Fri Oct 17 23:28:34 GMT 2003


Is it possible to have a Windows 2003 server as the PDC and 
corresponding Exchange server while having domain members 
being Samba 3?

I read in the how to that it can be done with a 2000 PDC but 
not sure about 2003 PDC.

This way, I reached a compermise with my client as to having 
2003 mail server/PDC while using open source stuff for the  
high speed file serving production end.

I may even have to use ldap and sendmail anyways for the 
production end which is Linux/Irix based but the glue between 
Openldap & AD and Sendmail & Exchange will be fun.

Any feedback is appreciated as usual,
PS  Is any of this stuff regarding interoperability in the 
how to or how to book (that I ordered :)

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