[Samba] exchange server and amba 3 integration

brian at krusic.com brian at krusic.com
Fri Oct 17 16:19:15 GMT 2003


The decision has been made to use Exchange 2K server despite 
my efforts in suggesting Cyrus Imap with Sendmail.

Has any one used or have suggestions on using an Exchange 2K 
Mail server with Samba 3 as the "only" PDC?

My ?s;

1) Is the 2K Exchange Server integration as simple as having 
a 2K machine joining a Samba PDC?

2) I use smbpasswd as a backend as I am migrating from 2.2.7a 
but should I use a different passwd backend like tdsam or 
ldapsam too make this integration easier?

3) I don't have ldap yet but what are the issues in  
migrating from tdsam to ldapsam?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated,

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